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Table of apples part2 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 November 2009 05:32


(Also known as: Pome d' Api, Christmas Apple)


Creamy yellow and crimson.


Harvest: early November, Season: November - March

Flesh white, crisp and juicy. Highly aromatic. Also used in making Christmas wreaths and garlands.

Lady Sudeley

(Also known as: Jacob's Strawberry)


Bright yellow  flushed reddish orange  and striped red.

Raised in England in 1849

Harvest: August.

Medium in size with prominent ribs on the body and at the eye. The yellow flesh is fine-grained, firm and crisp with a slightly sub acid sweet flavor.



Dark red striped

Open pollinated seedling of Malinda

Harvest: late September

Medium sized fruit. Flesh is yellow sometimes slightly tinged with red. Fine textured, juicy, and mildly acid. Excellent for pies and sauce. Good all-purpose apple. Good keeper, keeping till December.

Late Harrison

(Also known as: Harrison Cider, Long Stem, and Harrison's Newark)


Yellow with  black dots

Essex County, New Jersey, early 19th century

Harvest: October

Medium in size and round to oblong in shape, yellow flesh is coarse and dry

Laxton's Fortune


Rich red flush or stripes over pale yellow with occasional russeting.

Cox's Orange Pippin x Wealthy; England 1931


Medium size fruit. Firm, juicy, creamy white flesh is sweet, richly flavored and lightly aromatic but needs to be left on the tree to fully ripen.

Laxton's Superb


Greenish yellow mottled with a dull purplish-red.

Wyken Pippin x Cox Orange Pippin; England 1897


Round conical medium to large fruit. Flesh is white tinged green, fine textured but firm, tender and juicy.

Lemon Pippin


Yellow dotted

English or Norman origin, prior to 1700

Harvest: early October, Season: October - Dec

Good for drying. Small fruit with greenish-white, crisp, acid flesh.



Red blush covering nearly all of yellow fruit

Macoun x Purdue 54-12; New York, 1962

Harvest: October, Season: November - Feb

MacIntosh type apple. Large fruit. Flavor develops over one month of storage.


Propably USA

Deep or dull red

Probably North Carolina, described in 1832

Ripens late.

Medium size. Flesh is yellowish, hard, aromatic.




Sport of Redmax; Michigan


One hundred percent red, otherwise same as McIntosh.




Open pollinated McIntosh; Canada, 1930.

Harvest: Early September

Large, bright red. Crisp flesh. Tart. Cooks like McIntosh (foamy puree).



Pale yellow flushed with deeper yellow.

Montgomery x Transparent; New York, 1942.

Harvest: July - August, Season: 4 weeks from harvest

Fruit is pale yellow flushed with deeper yellow. Flesh is crisp and juicy, flavor is sweet-tart. Ripens later than Transparent and keeps longer.

Lombart's Calville



Calville Blanc d'Hiver x ???; Netherlands, 1906

Harvest: October, Season: November - January

Medium-large yellow fruit. Sweet, juicy, rich flavor.

Lord Lambourne



James Grieve x Worcester Pearmain; England, 1907

Harvest: September - mid October, Season: September - November

Crisp, juicy, sweet flesh.

Lubsk Queen

(Also known as: Lubsk Reinette)


White porcelain-like skin with splashes and blushes of bright pink and red.

Brought to USA about 1880

Harvest: August -September

Firm, tart snow-white flesh. Brisk flavor.

Lyman's Large Summer



USA, pre-1844

Harvest: early August

Large, green fruit ripens yellow. Firm, crisp, and juicy.



Deeper red and  more striped than McIntosh

McIntosh x Jersey Black; Geneva Station in 1909, introduced 1950

Harvest: early to mid-October, Season: November - December

Size and shape like McIntosh with more striped and deeper red coloring. Dark purplish red blush over green background. Firm, aromatic, all-purpose high quality eating apple.   Fruit drops readily and bruises easily.

Magnum Bonum



North Carolina 1828


Medium size apple with patterns of red.

Maiden's Blush


Pale yellow-with crimson blush.

New Jersey, prior to 1817.

Harvest: mid-August to mid-September; Season: September - December

Cooking, dessert and cider apple also dries well. Flat, roundfruit. Crisp, tender flesh with sharp acid flavor that mellows with ripening.



Amber washed with red

Tetofsky x McIntosh; Manitoba, Canada. Introduced in 1929.

Harvest: mid-July

Medium to large, summer apple. Juicy, tender, aromatic, white flesh. Sweet and juicy with pleasing flavor. High quality. Excellent for fresh eating.


England or France

Orangish red skin with dark red stripes over gold russet patches.

Introduced in 1750

Harvest: early October, Season: October - December

Medium to small, slightly conical fruit. Always russeted on one side. Firm, sugary, yellow flesh. Intensely flavored, rich, aromatic, deep cream flesh. Irregularly ribbed shape.



Deep red

Ontario, Canada 1798

Harvest: September; Season: September - December

Fruit is beautiful, size variable. Flesh white, firm, tender, very juicy, flavor characteristically aromatic, perfumed, sub acid.



Pale yellow  with a light blush


Harvest: mid-late August.

Medium sized attractive pale yellow skinned apple, with a light blush. Flesh is mildly acid, with good quality.



Straw  covered with stripes and marblings of lively red

Seedling; Woodstock, Connecticut, introduced in 1780

Ripens late fall.

Light smooth. Good sprightly taste of fruit in November. Crisp, firm flesh.




Yellowish-green with brownish-red stripes on the side of the sun.

Wealthy x Cinnamon striped

Ripens by early September, sometimes earlier

Larger than medium size (120-130g), flattened-rounded with a small cone. Juicy, light-creamy, honey-sweet, heady flavored flesh. Its fruit are notable for high sugar (up to 14 mg%) and low acidity.




Yellow washed with crimson

Macintosh x Liveland Raspberry; Raised in 1898 at Central Experiment Farm in Ottawa, Canada. Introduced in 1924

Ripens by late July

Attractive, high quality, yellow washed with crimson fruit. Very white, firm, crisp, sweet flesh. A sweet sub-acid rose-flavor. Stored till November. Contains up to 20 mg % of vitamin C.



Yellowish green skin flushed and streaked dark red with russet spots.

Jonathan x Red Delicious; Developed at the Agricultural Experiment Station in Wooster, Ohio. Introduced in 1944.

Harvest: mid-late October, Season: October - February

Official Ohio State apple. Large flattened fruit. Firm, coarse, juicy creamy white flesh. Slightly acid flavor. Very good cooking and dessert qualities. Best after Christmas when it develops its fruity aroma.

Merton Delight


Yellow, striped pinkish red.

Cox's Orange Pippin x Golden Russet; From England, introduced to U.S. in 1953

Season early.

Size medium, shape intermediate to flat. Flesh tender, crisp, creamy. Flavor sweet to subacid.

Merton's Charm


Greenish yellow, sometimes with a slight brownish red flush

McIntosh x Cox's Orange Pippin; From England, raised 1933, named in 1962.

Season early to mid.

Size medium; shape flat, rectangular, convex, not ribbed. Flesh tender, crisp, creamy white; flavor sweet subacid.

Mollie's Delicious


Pinkish red

(Golden Delicious / Gravenstein) x (Edgewood / Clo

Harvest: late August; Season: August - October

A very good to excellent early apple ripening. Fruits are large to very large, conical in shape with a pinkish red color. Has an exceptionally pleasing aftertaste. This quality can be maintained in storage for at least 10 weeks under refrigeration.

Moskovskoye Zimnee

(Moscow Winter)


Greenish during gather, greenish-yellow with cast dark-red strokes when ripe. Evident multiple hypodermal spots.

Wealthy x Antonovka

Harvest: late September – early October

Very large and heavy fruit. Average weight – 220g. Very regular, rounded-conic shape without ribs. Flesh is slightly creamy, acid-sweet with nice and heady flavor.



Skin is white, greenish. Delicate pink, blush

Desertnoye Isaeva x Melba

Harvest: early September

Medium to larger than medium size, right flattened- rounded or wide-conic shape. Smooth, slightly ribbed. Average weight up to 150g. Flesh is white, juicy, acid-sweet.   


(Also known as: Gardener's Apple, American Mother)


Red over yellow

Massachusetts, 1840


Very good eating apple. Fruit is round to tallish, conical. Distinctive flavor, wintergreen aroma. Needs full sun to be at its best.

Muscadet de Dieppe



Normandy, 1750

Harvest: September

Excellent cider apple. Orange-red, smallish fruit. Sweet and aromatic.


(Also known as: Crispin)


Green fruit ripens yellow.

Golden Delicious x Indo; Japan 1930

Harvest: late October, Season: October - February

Good eating apple, first class cider and sauce.



Light yellow without blush

Belfer kitayka x Papirovka

Harvest: early September

Medium sized fruit (82g) rounded-conic shape. White, juicy, flavored, acid-sweet  flesh.



Maroon with yellow under color.



Skin is chewy like a nectarine, and displays unique cracking near the calyx lobe. Flavor and scent similar to a nectarine.






Hard cider apple. Apples are soft, medium size and easily bruised.

Newell's Late Orange

(Also known as: Newell's Winter)


Solid yellow-green entirely covered with minute green or black dots.

Planted from seeds of Perry Russet.; Sauk County, Wisconsin, introduced in 1850.

Ripens late.

Flat-round, sometimes irregular shape. Good size. Firm, crisp, juicy, rich white flesh.

Newtown Pippin

(Also known as: Yellow Newtown)


Bright green fruit with trace of brownish-purple flush and white dots.

Newtown, Long Island, 1759

Harvest: mid-late October; Season: November - January

Favorite apple of George Washington. Not good-looking fruit, bright green fruit with trace of brownish-purple flush and white dots. Rich, yellow, juicy flesh with refreshing piney tartness, breaking and high-flavored.



Deep red blush and stripe over pale yellow.

Carlton x McIntosh; New York State Ag. Station, introduced in 1962

Ripens mid-September to early October.

Fruits are medium to large in size, roundish conic and irregular in shape, with deep red blush and stripe over pale yellow. The flesh is white and similar to McIntosh, very sweet and juicy, skin tough.


(Also known as: Hubbardston Nonesuch)



Massachusetts 1830


Fruit usually large with clear red skin in our climate, but color is variable. Flesh is white, moderately firm, sweet and rich.



Green with red stripes.

Rescue x Melba

Harvest: August

Medium size.

Northern Lights

(Also known as: NY 17-207)



Haralson x McIntosh; Developed by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. Introduced in 1990.


Glossy, bright red fruit with slightly tart flesh. Good flavor.

Northern Spy

(Also known as: Red Spy, Red Northern Spy)


Greenish-yellow fruit flushed and striped pinkish red with a delicate bloom, and occasionally russet patches

New York, 1800

Harvest: late October; Season: October - February

Large, round, often flattened. Fine grained, rather firm, very tender, crisp, juicy, yellowish flesh. Tart, aromatic, subacid flavor. Excellent all purpose apple except not good for drying. Remarkably fresh after long storage.

Northwestern Greening



Golden Russet x Alexander; Wisconsin, 1872

Harvest: mid-October; Season: October - December

Beneath its tough skin the greenish yellow flesh is firm, juicy and mildly tart. Best when cooked into sauce or made into pies as it does not rate high for fresh eating.

Nova Easy Gro


80% red stripe over greeninsh yellow ground

Spartan x PRI; Nova Scotia, 1971

Harvest: October, Season: through winter

Fruit is large, oblate. Stores well in cold storage. Flesh is snow white, firm, crisp, mildly sweet, slightly juicy. Slightly tough at picking but mellows in storage. Recommended for cooking, salads & eating fresh.


(Also known as: Oliver's Red, All-Over-Red)


Waxy golden  nearly covered with crimson and streaked dark red

Arkansas, 1873

Harvest: October Season: December - February

Rich, spritely flavor.



Green flushed and striped red.

Wagener x Northern Spy; Ontario, 1820

Harvest: October, Season: November - March

Very good eating, juice and cooking apple. Medium-large fruit with green skin flushed and striped red. Flesh fine textured, very juicy, sprightly and aromatic.




Seedling tree; c. 1840, Oregon, introduced 1920

Harvest: mid September, Season: October - November

High quality eating apple. Almost solidly bright red. Tender, crisp, juicy flesh. Very sweet and piquant flavor.



Yellow skin is blushed red-orange and dotted with conspicuous white lenticels.

Aomori Apple Research Station

Harvest: late October.

Sweet, very honeyed, pale yellow flesh, but of little taste or acidity of fruit.



Yellow skin, striped red.

Yellow Transparent x Liveland Raspberry; Minnesota, 1949

Harvest: July - August; Season: August

An excellent quality eating or cooking apple.

Orleans Reinette


Yellow-green with light russeting, reddish on the sun side.


Harvest: October, Season: November- January

Flesh is creamy white, firm and fine-textured and very juicy with a taste first of sweet oranges followed by a nutty flavor.



(Autumn joy)


Yellowish –green with red stripes

Cinnamon striped x Wealthy

Harvest: mid September

Larger than medium sized fruit (120g), right rounded-conic shape. Light-creamy flesh, juicy, flavored, acid-sweet.

Peasgood Nonsuch


Large pale yellow-green fruit, deepening to orange-yellow with short stripes of bright red and some russet patches.


Harvest: mid September, Season: September-December

Highly esteemed culinary apple.

Perry Russet


Yellow green apple often with shiny skin and only occasionally covered with a fine russet.

New Jersey

Harvest: early winter

It is a large fruit.  It has juicy fine grained yellow flesh, rich and acidic in flavor and excellent for pies.



Red flush over green skin.

Long Beach, CA 1949

Harvest: late September to mid October

Large fruit. Flesh crisp and juicy with good subacid flavor.



Large yellow with red stripes and russet specks.

Virginia seedling; Early 1800s

Harvest: October, Season: stores exceptionally well

Fine grained, crisp and juicy flesh.



Stripy bright red over a yellow-orange background.

(Duchess of Oldenburg x Cox's Orange Pippin) x Golden Delicious; Breeding Program, Pillnitz, Germany

Mid-October; Season: January - June.

Round to slight cone-shaped. Crisp and juicy apple flavor with a tropical twist. For more information regarding this apple, check out the Piñata Apple website

Pink Lady

(Cripps cv.), USPP #7,880


Yellow overlaid with pink or light red.

Golden Delicious x Lady Williams; Western Australian apple breeding program

Harvest: September - October

Oblong, green fruit turns yellow at maturity and is overlaid with pink or light red. Fine-grained, white flesh. Thin skin bruises easily. Fruit will store for six to eight months in common storage.

Pink Pearl



Surprise x; California


Pink-fleshed, pearly-skinned apple. Tart to sweet-tart taste.

Pink Princess


Light green skin turning yellow with a few faint red stripes.

Pink Pearl x Bronze Leaf Crab; Ontario, Canada 1967


A medium sized apple. Pink colored flesh similar to that of Pink Pearl, but sweeter, with a nice fruity flavor. More information at:

Pitmaston Pineapple


Golden-yellow fruit covered with fine russet

Golden Pippin x ???; England, 1785

Harvest: mid-September, Season: September - February

Eating, juice and keeping apple. Tall and conic in shape. Small. Sweet, juicy, sugary, and somewhat pineapple flavored.


(Also known as: Jennings, Yellow Summer Pearmain)


Pure yellow with crimson blush

Massachusetts, 1840

Harvest: September, Season: September - October

Very good eating, canning and cooking apple. Tender, sweet and juicy flesh. Retains its form with cooking.

Prairie Spy


Red over yellow

University of Minnesota, 1940

Harvest: October, Season: November - March

All purpose, attractive large fruit. Some russeting may occur. Excellent flavor, improves in storage. Extra long keeping winter apple.



Red over green-yellow

PRI 14-126 x Jonathan; PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, Indiana Co Op, but introduced in France, 1974.

Harvest: One week before Delicious

Medium range. Keeps well through January.



Light green

New York, c. 1840

Harvest: early September, Season: September- October

Highly regarded early American summer eating apple. Medium-large, smooth fruit, crisp, juicy, tart.



Yellow to whitish pale yellow

NJ75 x DIR101T117; PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op)

Harvest: Early September

Medium size. Round to oblate round. Fine, crisp, breaking texture. Very spicy, very juicy, very aromatic. May develop off-flavor in storage.

Priscilla, USPP #3,488

(Also known as: Co Op 4)


65% red blush over yellow background.

Starking Delicious x PRI 610-2; PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op), 1972


Medium in size. Crisp, coarse, mildly sub acid. White to slightly greenish flesh. Good flavor and quality. Will store for three months. Fruit hangs well.

Pristine ®, USPP #9881

(Also known as: Co Op 32)


Beautiful lemon-yellow

Co Op 10 x Camuzat; PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op), 1994


Apple with a perfect finish. This high quality apple is very productive and is a good keeper for an early apple.

Pumpkin Sweet


Yellow marbled with greenish-yellow and a brown flush.

Connecticut, 1834

Harvest: October, Season: October - December

Prized for baking, good for canning or eating. Sweet, nonacid flesh is crisp and juicy.

Quebec Bell



Open-pollinated seedling of Northern Spy

Ripens mid-season.

Resembles Delicious in appearance and Northern Spy in quality. Keeps well.



Yellow, flushed red

Red Melba x Crimson Beauty; Ontario, 1964

Harvest: late July - Mid August; Season: August

Firm good quality early eating apple that ships well. Medium size.


(Also known as: Winter Rambo)


Pale yellow streaked faint red by the sun.

late 1700's / Dates back to the late 1500's

Harvest: September Season: September - Nov / Ripens in August

Tender, sub-acid flesh. It is lightly ribbed on the body and prominently ribbed at the eye. Usually asymmetrical in shape. The yellowish flesh is fine grained and firm with a subacid, slightly sweet flavor




Sibirskaya X European varieties or kitayka


Small-fruited variety. Keeps well in winter, yields richly. Cooking and eating apple.

Red Astrachan



Introduced to England via Sweden 1816, then to USA 1835.

Harvest: late July - August; Season: August - September

Eating, cooking and cider apple. Medium sized, flesh is juicy, tart and crisp with good flavor. Very short storage.

Red Baron


Orange blush over yellow, resembling traditional peach coloring.

Golden Delicious x Daniels Red Duchess; University of Minnesota, 1970

Harvest: Early to mid-September; Season: September-November

Medium size. Coarse, dry-ish flesh. Pear-flavored. Acceptable mild (non-tart) cooking apple. Not very juicy.

Red Bietigheimer

(Also known as: Bietigheimer)


Pale yellow to green overlaid with red.


Harvest: September, Season: September - October

Large fruit. Firm, juicy white flesh is coarse and crisp with sub acid flavor.

Red Delicious


Deep red

Sport of Delicious

Harvest: late September; Season: September - November

Most purchased apple variety in the United States. Skin covers a sweeter flavored apple.

Red Gold



Washington, 1946

Harvest: mid September.

This one gets a blue ribbon for being the sweetest tasting apple ever developed. Keeps for weeks in the refrigerator.

Red June

(Also known as: Carolina Red June)


Deep red over yellow fruit

North Carolina, described 1848

Harvest: August

Attractive small. White flesh stained red. Brisk and juicy.



Dark red

Wolf River x malus pumila niedzwetzkyana; Geneva Station, NY,


Medium or larger. Dark red flesh. Juice is red. Not for fresh eating.

Redfree, USPP #4,322

(Also known as: Co Op 13)


90% bright red

Raritan x PRI 1018-101; PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op), introduced in 1981.


Medium size, glossy fruit. Smooth, waxy, russet-free skin. Light flesh is crisp and juicy.



Red flushed

Exeter Cross x scab resistant seedling.; Introduced in 1986

Harvest: late August

Smooth skinned, dessert variety. Sweet, lightly aromatic, crisp, juicy flesh; can be weakly flavored.



Red over yellow skin

Open pollinated seedling of Scott Winter

Harvest: October - November; Season: October - November

Large, well colored fruit. Cream colored flesh. Mild, excellent flavor. Keeps until January in storage.



Bright red over yellow.

Red Duchess x Red Delicious; University of Minnesota, introduced 1963

Harvest: October; Season: October - December

Medium size fruit. Very pleasing flavor and texture. Honeyed, plenty of acidity, crisp, crackling, juicy flesh. Cooked keeps shape, light flavor, sweet, fruity. Delicately flavored. Fruits store into the winter.

Reinette Gris Du Canada


Pale green with a russet coat and first white flesh.

France prior to 1771

Late season

Medium size apple. Sharp, dry, sweet, crisp texture and flavor. Excellent keeper.

Renet Simirenko


Light green or bright green with multiple light round hypodermic spots 2-5mm.

Unknown origin


Shape flattened rounded, from some conic to flattened-rounded as many other renets; fruit are often non-central. Medium or larger than medium, large. Flesh is white, juicy, tender. Vinous-sweet, somewhat spicy taste.  



Light pink-orange over green-yellow.

Pillnitz, Germany


Long conical shape.

Reverand Morgan


Pinkish red

Seedling of Granny Smith; Houston, TX

Ripens very early

Good quality fruit. Superb flavor and texture.

Rhode Island Greening



Rhode Island 1650

Harvest: late October - early November; Season: November - March

Large fruit. Firm, crisp, juicy, tart. Flavor develops in storage

Ribston Pippin


Yellow, flushed bright orange, red blush.

Yorkshire, England 1769

Harvest: September , Season: October - Jan

Hard, crisp, fine-grained, sugary, rich and aromatic.




Ottawa-521 x Ottawa-541; Agriculture Canada, Quebec, 1990

Harvest: Mid-September

Medium size. Attractive, juicy, crisp. Very good flavor. Mild to subacid with high sugar and aroma.

Rocket Red Braeburn, PPAF

New Zealand

Very intense red blush with narrow, intense stripes.

Sport of Braeburn;



Rome Beauty


Striped to almost solid red

Ohio, 1848

Harvest: late September - October: Season: September - November

Very round fruit, medium to very large, thick skin. A favorite for baking and drying, and outstanding as a baked apple. Inferior for eating due to dryish flesh and very mild, unremarkable flavor. A good keeper on and off the tree. Once a major commercial variety, now losing market share.



Red over pale green-yellow.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Quebec, 1983

Harvest: Mid-August

Oblate. Juicy.

Roxbury Russet


Greenish-bronze and yellow

Roxbury, Massachusetts, early 1600's

Harvest: late September - early October, Season: October - April

The classic russet, like Golden Russet but even higher in sugar (12.87%), and a bigger producer. Possibly the oldest named variety in America.

Royal Russet

(Also known as: Brown Russet)


Characteristic russet skin is brown with a greenish-yellow undercast.


Harvest: late October - November, Season: October - Mar

The yellow flesh has a sweet, nut-like flavor.



Bright red stripes cover the golden undertone with a slight russet.

Golden Delicious x Cox Orange

Harvest: early October

A very sweet apple with a slight tang. Fruits medium in size.


Czech Republic


Prima x Rubin

Harvest: Ten days before Golden Delicious

Medium to large. Yellow, firm, fine-textured, juicy flesh. Very good sweet flavor. Aromatic.



Pink over green-yellow. Smooth and waxy with pronounced lenticels.

Chance seedling; Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA, 1940

Harvest: October; Season: Through March

Medium to large. Sweet, rich flavor. Very juicy, fairly crisp.

Saint Edmund's Pippin

(Also known as: Saint Edmund's Russet)


Smooth pale fawn- colored russet


Harvest: early September

Flat uniform-sized apple covered with a smooth pale fawn- colored russet in our climate. Very juicy, crisp, yellowish flesh, great for cider as well as eating.



Bright scarlet stripes and flush.

Seedling of Northern Spy; Ottawa, 1912. Introduced in 1935

Harvest: mid to end of October.

Similarity to its parent Northern Spy. Creamy flesh color and long keeping quality, but it has a fuller flavor, is hardier, and redder and less troubled by scab. Sweet, juicy melting flesh; definite flavor of raspberries. Quality very high. Aromatic, juicy and crisp.

Scarlet O' Haralson

(Sponsel cv.)



Sport of Red Haralson; Minnesota

Harvest: Six days before Red Delicious

Large, round. Very crisp with mild flavor. Stores six months.

Scarlet O'Hara

(Co op 25 cv.)

(Also known as: Co Op 25)


Full blushed red

PCF 2-134 x PRI 669-205 (or 669NJ5); PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op)

Harvest: mid-September

Fruit is round-conic, sweet and juicy. Hangs extremely well to the tree and sugars increase greatly until early October.

Schmidtberger Reinette


Green, flushed and striped red.


Harvest: October, Season: November - January

Medium sized fruit. Sweet-sharp, aromatic flesh.


(Also known as: Westfield Seek-No-Further, Red Winter Pearmain)


Creamy yellow streaked red with some russeting.

New England, 1700's.

Harvest: September-October, Season: November/December

Crisp, tender, juicy and aromatic flesh with distinctive flavor. Not recommended for cooking.

Sekai Ichi


Varies from pale pink to darker red with red stripes.  Sometimes solid red in the sun.

Red Delicious x Yellow Delicious; Developed in Japan


Crisp, breaking, juicy flesh. Very sweet fine mild flavor.


(Also known as: Oliver)


Almost solid red over green background with prominent white or russet dots.

Originated in Arkansas over a hundred years ago

Harvest: early October.

A flattish round, medium size apple. Tender, crisp, juicy flesh. Most refreshing flavor.


Wonder Fuji (Fiero cv.), USPP #11,193

(Also known as: Jubilee Fuji)



Sport of Fuji; Prescott, Washington

Harvest: Four to six WEEKS before Fuji

Approximates flavor of Fuji in spite of much shorter growing season.



Yellow fruit striped with red.

McIntosh x Longfield; Raised 1906, Iowa State Ag. Exp. Station. Introduced in 1922.

Ripens midseason.

Flesh sweet, soft & juicy. Can lack acidity and taste woody. Generally similar to McIntosh, but sweeter and firmer. High quality.


(Also known as: Shiawassee Beauty)


Yellow covered with red flush and darker streaks.

Possible Snow x ; Michigan, 1850.

Harvest: September, Season: September

Crisp, juicy, aromatic, sub acid flavor.



Greenish yellow

Yellow Delicious x Early McIntosh; Japan. Introduced in 1930. Named 1948

Harvest: late September.

Resembles Golden Delicious but harder. Medium size, round fruit. Firm, fine grained white flesh. Very sweet, scented, crisp & juicy.



Yellow with red-orange blush.

Golden Delicious x Indo

Harvest: Late October Season: Through February

Same parentage as Mutsu (Crispin). Large. Sweeter with less acid than Mutsu (not necessarily preferable), but excellent flavor.

Sierra Beauty


Greenish yellow.  Striped or blushed with red.

Boonville, California

Harvest: September to October.

Large blocky handsome apple. Juicy very crisp moderately sweet flesh.   Rich, tart, sprightly flavor. Excellent for eating fresh or cooking. Good keeper.


(BC 8S-4-33 cv.), USPP #10740, PBR #95-670


Cream colored translucent. No blush or stripe pattern.  Very clear, no visible lenticels.

Honeygold x Sunrise; Agriculture Canada, Summerland, BC

Harvest: First week September

Medium size. Crisp, juicy, excellent flavor. Short season, not a keeper.



Pale yellow, sometimes almost white with a pinkish blush in the sun.

Golden Delicious x Grimes Golden; Canada, 1956

Harvest: mid October.

Medium sized fruits. Crisp, juicy, deep cream flesh; sweet, aromatic flavor superior to either parent.

Sir Prize, USPP #3,988

(Also known as: Co Op 5)


Greenish yellow

Tetraploid Golden Delicious x PRI 14-152; PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op), 1975

Harvest: October

Large fruit. High quality, but very thin tender skin that bruises easily. Very sweet, scented taste, crisp & juicy.



Yellow flushed and striped red

Open pollinated seedling of Vandevere; Pennsylvania, 1837

Harvest: Sept/October, Season: October - February

Large, flattish shape. Flesh crisp, yellowish, moderately fine-grained. Fresh cider flavor. Very good quality cooking, eating, and baking apple. Keeps well through March.


Golden Delicious



Sport of Golden Delicious

Harvest: Late September through October; Season: Late September -December

Continues to be the most russest-resistant Golden Delicious strain, allowing quality Goldens to be grown where proneness to russetting would otherwise prohibit Golden production. Essentially the same as Golden Delicious except for skin smoothness and russet resistance.


(Also known as: Fameuse, Snow Apple)


Beautiful red over cream skin

Parent of McIntosh; Quebec, 1600s.

Harvest: late September - early October, Season: October-December

Small to medium sized fruit. Name comes from its pure white flesh occasionally stained crimson near the skin. Soft flesh with an aromatic, distinctive flavor. Used for eating and is excellent for cider.

Sops of Wine


Greenish yellow flushed purple red.


Ripens early to mid season

Old English culinary and cider apple. Fruit medium. Flesh soft, fine stained pink. Flavor aromatic, sub acid, vinous.



Dark red almost mahogany

McIntosh x Newton Pippin; Developed at the British Columbia Station. Introduced 1936.

Harvest: mid-October; Season: October - December

Beautiful medium size dessert quality apple. Pure white flesh, crisp sweet with some acidity. Firmer than McIntosh. Highly aromatic fine flavor.



Nearly solid red or red striped over green

McIntosh x Golden Delicious; Developed at British Columbia Station, 1926. Introduced 1959

Harvest: late October.

Large fruit. Very sweet with crisp juicy flesh. Fine flavor. Core smaller than McIntosh. Excellent eating quality.



Golden yellow 75% covered with bright red stripes.

Golden Delicious x Red Spy.; New York, 1962.

Harvest: early to mid-October, Season: November - January

Large fruit.  Tender skin. Fine grained firm crisp yellow flesh, sprightly and sweet. Stores well.



Red blush

Red Spy x Monroe (Jonathan x Rome); Geneva (N.Y.) Ag. Station, named in 1968


The fruits are large, of good quality.


(Also known as: Esopus Spitzenburg)


Orangish, has russet dots and inconspicuous stripes

Originated in Esopsus, N.Y. around 1790.

Harvest: late September - early October, Season: November - March

Thomas Jefferson's favorite apple. Dessert apple for connoisseurs. Medium large sized round, conical, orangish fruit with tough skin. Hard, very crisp, fine grained spicy and juicy yellowish flesh. Rich, fruity, aromatic flavor with lively acidity. Improves radically with storage, best at Christmas.


(Also known as: Starksplendor)

New Zealand

Dull pinkish red with occasional russet.

Developed in New Zealand. Discovered in 1948. Introduced in 1967.

Harvest: September.

Medium to large fruit. Firm crisp yellow flesh. Mild but distinctive sweet flavor. Lacks tartness but has crisp texture. Exceptionally long storage life.


 (Sponsel cv.)


Fluorescent yellow highlighted by fluorescent pink coloring, almost transparent, and with a glossy feel.

Seedling; Minnesota

Harvest: Early September; Season: September - October

Very hard, dense golden apple. Flavor has hints of honeydew melon. 

State Fair


Brilliantly striped with reddish orange over a yellow background.

Mantet x Oriole; Minnesota, introduced in 1979.

Harvest: mid-August to September; Season: September

Fruit is round, conic, medium sized. Creamy flesh is firm, juicy aromatic and sweet and firmer than most early varieties. Moderately subacid flavor. Excellent for fresh eating. Keeps well for a summer apple.



Dull red bloom over greenish base, striped red in less highly-colored fruit

Kansas, 1875

Harvest: October; Season: October - December

Fruit medium to large. Flesh yellowish, firm, tender, juicy, pleasantly subacid.

Stayman Winesap



Yellow covered in dull striped red


Late season.

A seedling of Winesap, and better than its parent. The fruit are medium to large; thick and tough skinned, fine grained tender crisp flesh, juicy, aromatic and subacid. The tree is vigorous.



Red stripes and a yellow background.

New York, 1900

Harvest: early to mid September.

Its creamy white flesh, although crisp to the teeth is melting and tender and almost dissolves on the tongue. Its flavor has a rich luscious pure apple taste. Good savory taste. Plenty of sweetness, acidity, & juice. Fruits up to 3" in circumference.

Strawberry Parfait

(Also known as: NJ 46)


Striped red over ivory skin and red splashes

New Jersey

Ripens early

Like strawberries in vanilla ice cream in the flesh. Hints of strawberry.

Sturmer Pippin


Yellow-green with copper blush.

Ribston Pippin x Non Pareil; Suffolk, England, 1831.

Harvest: November, Season: December - April

Medium size. Oblate (flat) shape. Very dense, dry flesh, high in acid and Vitamin C. Flavor develops in storage. Excellent very late dessert apple.

Summer Rambo

(Also known as: Rambour Franc, Lorraine, Rombour d'ete. No relation to "Rambo")


Brightly striped, red


Harvest: September, Season: September - November

Attractive, large fruit. Breaking, crisp, exceptionally juicy flesh. Sub acid, aromatic flavor.

Summer Rose


Yellow  with red in streaks and blotches

Northern Spy Seedling; New Jersey, 1806.

Harvest: September, Season: September - November

Excellence both for eating and stewing. The size is moderate, the form flat, the skin smooth of a beautiful yellow resembling yellow wax, blended with red in streaks and blotches. The flesh is sweet, sprightly, and juicy.

Summer Treat


Brilliant red

Cross of Mollie's Delicious; New Jersey Experiment Station. Introduced in 1982


Fruits are large to very large, of angular, oblong-conic shape, with glossy skin blushed 70-100% brilliant red. The coarse, cream colored flesh is crisp, sweet, and good fresh from the tree when the fruits are ripe. Fruits hang well, but lose quality quickly and become mealy if not harvested. Storage life is short.


(Also known as: Co Op 29)


Pale green

Golden Delicious x PRI 1050-201 (or 1050NJ1); PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op), 1990

Harvest: Eight days after Red Delicious

Medium to large. Excellent sweet-tart flavor. Keeps four months.


(Cripps II cv.), USPP #8,477


Distinctive attractive red with white lenticels.

Golden Delicious x Lady Williams; Western Australia Ag Dept Breeding Program

Harvest: November

Color varies according to exposure. Flesh is white, crisp, juicy and very sweet. A very good keeper with a long shelf life.

Sunny Brook


Bright red over yellow.

Heyer 12 x Morden 359


Medium size. Fair dessert quality. Good cooking apple.




Agriculture Canada, Summerland, BC


Unique pear-grape flavor. Good eating apple, ripens early.




Cox's Orange x ??

Harvest: Mid season.

Flavor excellent, much like Cox's, but slightly smaller in size.



Gold-yellow flushed and striped orange-red

Cox's Orange Pippin x Court Pendu Plat; England, 1955.

Harvest: October, Season: November - February

Medium-large fruit. Flesh yellowish-cream. Firm and fairly juicy. Flesh rather coarsely textured, crisp.


(Also known as: Red Core)




Harvest: October

Small winter apple with creamy white, red stained flesh.


(Also known as: Hardwick)


Dull yellow  with russet dots

New York, pre 1770

Harvest: October, Season: October - March

Large fruit of uncommon flavor and richness; spicy and aromatic. The creamy white flesh is firm textured with a sweet and aromatic flavor and the flavor will improve with storage.It will soften and mellow somewhat like a pear until slightly soft at which time it has velvety, tender and beautifully balanced flesh.



Golden yellow sprinkled with russet spots and streaks with cinnamon russet becoming solid at base.

Pomme Gris type; New York, 1872.

Harvest: October, Season: November - March

Rich, distinctive flavor; aromatic and sprightly. Excellent eating apple.

Sweet Delicious


Greenish yellow fruit, flushed reddish-orange with red streaks

Deacon Jones x Delicious; New York. Introduced in 1911

Ripens late.

Large. Firm, fine, creamy white, melting flesh. Very sweet with an aromatic flavor. Excellent keeper.

Sweet Sixteen


Red striped

Northern Spy x Malinda; Minnesota, 1973.

Harvest: September - October, Season: stores well

Large fruit. Firm, crisp, aromatic flesh. Moderately acidic.

Swiss Gourmet

(Arlet cv.), USPP #6,689

(Also known as: Arlet)



Golden Delicious x Idared;

Harvest: September; Season: September - December

Flesh is firm and slightly tart.



Greenish-yellow with red flush.

Somerset, England


Sweet to mild bittersweet type.

Thome Empire



Sport of Empire; Michigan


Colors to a deep burgundy three weeks earlier than standard Empire.


(Sponsel cv.)


Wide bands of red stripes cover a green-yellow apple.

Sport of Red Haralson; Minnesota

Harvest: Mid to late October; Season: October - March

Flavor and texture similar to Haralson, but has less sugar than Haralson and is noticeably more tart. Great keeper apple and good for baking.




Seedling of Sutton's Beauty and Northern Spy; New York


Large green turning to yellow skinned late apple. Mild but mellow flavor



Yellow-green with brownish-orange blush

Golden Delicious x Indo; Aomori Research Station, Japan. Introduced in 1963

Medium to large fruit ripens late October.

Fruit is conic oblate, irregular and ribbed. This skin has a dull, rough finish and rather unattractive color. The flesh is greenish yellow, firm, crisp, aromatic and slightly subacid. Flavor and keeping quality are excellent.

Tolman Sweet


Green or yellow  sometimes blushed red with lines of russet, often marked by a suture top to bottom.

Believed Sweet Greening x Russet; USA, 1822

Harvest: late September - early October, Season: November - January

Excellent for cider and drying, also a good dessert and baking apple. Large apple. Flesh is firm, dry to moderately juicy, decidedly sweet. Historically, a highly esteemed "sweet" apple.

Tremlett's Bitter


Yellow skin flushed red

late 1800s

Harvest: October

Bitter-sweet cider apple. Medium fruit.



75% red over color on yellow background

Open pollinated Golden Delicious; Japan, 1975

Harvest: late October

Medium sized, mid- season maturing fruit. Resembles Golden Delicious, but firmer fleshed. Weakly flavored, sweet-tart, crisp and juicy.


(Also known as: Auralia)


Yellow with an orange blush

Cox's Orange Pippin x Schoner von Nordhausen; Germany, raised in 1930

Harvest: mid October

Very juicy, pleasantly aromatic, sweet, mildly sub acid, a strong grower and regular bearer. A good keeper, its flavor heightens as it is kept in storage until March. Light skinned.

Turley Winesap


Dull red

Open pollinated seedling of Stayman Winesap, not a; Originated in Indiana

Harvest: early October

Round fruit. Resembles Stayman, but is more crack resistant and eating quality is not as good. Stores well.

Tydeman's Late Orange


Gold with green and red blush

Laxton's Superb x Cox's Orange; England, 1930

Late ripening

Yellowish flesh has rich flavor with a nice sugar-acid balance. Conical shape.

Tydeman's Red

(Also known as: Tydeman's Early)


Flushed scarlet with dark red streaks.

Worcester Pearmain x Red McIntosh; England, 1929

Harvest: late August - September

Sauce and dessert apple. Early fall McIntosh type. Can size well. Not very crisp. Thin, shiny skin imparts a hint of cinnamon. Flavor deteriorates in storage.



Greenish-yellow with red stripes.

Narodnoye x Severyanka

Harvest: early September

Larger than medium size, flattened-rounded or rounded-conic shape, not ribbed. Average mass 120g.  Flesh is white, fine grained, juicy, acid-sweet, desert. 



Gold colored with grey russeting.

California, 1945


Snow white coarse flesh. Aromatic and juicy with good acidity.



Very deep, dark maroon to purple

PRI program (Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op) but introduced by Wisconsin, 1969

Harvest: August; Season: August - September

Highly aromatic. Crisp and juicy, richly flavorful with acid component. Outstanding flavor retention when cooked. Keeps about 1 month.



Glossy green, red flushed

New York, 1790s.

Harvest: October, Season: October - April

One of the best late fall varieties for dessert, sauce, cider, juice and storage. Doesn't shrivel. Medium sized fruit. White flesh, very crisp, juicy and tender, resembles Northern Spy in taste.




Northwest Greening x Red Spy; Developed by New York Experiment Station, introduced in 1951

Harvest: September, Season: October - November

Dessert, canning, freezing and sauce apple. Large fruit.




Unknown x Duchess; Minnesota, 1861

Harvest: September, Season: September - December

Excellent dessert and multi-use apple, picked a few weeks early for cooking. Beautiful fruit ripens to bright red across the surface. Crisp, juicy flesh. Refreshing, sprightly, vinous flavor.



Lightly colored red over pale undercolor.

Heyer 12 x Dr. Bill; Brooks, Alberta

Harvest: Mid-August

Large cooking apple.

White Winter Pearmain


Light green fruit turns pale yellow with waxy dots.


Harvest: October, Season: October - March

Oldest known English apple. Late dessert apple and excellent keeper. Crisp, tender, juicy, aromatic flesh.



Yellow and red

Newtown Pippin x Spitzenburg; USA, 1944

Harvest: September - October, Season: September - October

Excellent for cider. Small fruit. Extraordinarily sweet, up to 25% sugar.

William's Pride, USPP #6,268

(Also known as: Co Op 23)



PRI 1018-101 x NJ 50; PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op), 1988

Harvest: late July or early August

Fruit is medium in size slightly conic in shape with a rich aromatic flavor. Apples are 70-80% red with excellent eating quality.



Dark red


Harvest: October; Season: October - January

Medium sized, round fruit with crisp, juicy yellow flesh with a spicy, vinous flavor and aroma.


(Also known as: Winter King)


Ground color greenish yellow, 1/4 to 3/4 flushed dull purplish red, with broad, broken stripes.

Cox Orange Pippin x Worcester Pearmain; UK, 1920. Introduced in 1935.

Harvest: mid October.

A late keeping, high quality eating apple. Size medium to small. In a good season, color can be bright and attractive. Shape round-conical to oblong-conical. Flesh creamy white. Firm, fine-textured, juicy, rich, and sweet, with good aromatic flavor.

Winter Banana


Green ripening to yellow, cheek overlaid with pinkish-brown.

Indiana, 1876

Harvest: October; Season: October - February

Good dessert and cooking apple, keeps well. Strikingly beautiful, large and waxy late apple. Firm, crisp, juicy flesh with the distinctive aromatic flavor for which it is named.




Seedling of Gravenstein; Burbank, California, 1901


Crisp, subacid, flavorful; attractive, late apple.

Wismer's Dessert


Yellow shaded and striped with bright red

Canadian winter apple introduced in 1897


Fruit medium to large. Beautiful Spitzenburg-red with yellow flesh. Aromatic flavor. Intense, rich flavor, sweet-sharp, pineapple acidity. Flesh mild subacid, of excellent flavor and exceedingly fine, tender texture.

Wolf River


Pale yellow covered in dull red

Probable seedling of Alexander; Wisconsin, 1875

Harvest: late September - mid-October, Season: October - December

Spectacularly large, up to 1 lb. Outstanding culinary apple, good blended in cider as well. Flesh is tender, subacid-tart, and juicy.

Worcester Pearmain


Pale green-yellow  almost completely covered with brilliant red flush

Possible Devonshire Quarrenden seedling; Worcester, England, 1874

Harvest: September, Season: September - October

When fully ripe, it is crisp and sweet with a distinctive flavor. Best if allowed to ripen on the tree in September.

Wyken Pippin


Greenish yellow

late 1700's

Harvest: November or December.

Small, flattened fruit. Brisk, densely fruity. Delicious flavor.

Yellow Bellflower

(Also known as: Summer Bellflower)


Lemon yellow  blushed red to red-orange

New Jersey, 1742

Harvest: October, Season: October - February

Excellent cooking and cider variety. Good dessert apple later in season as flavor develops with time. 13.61% sugar. Large to medium-sized fruit. Smooth skin. Juicy and aromatic.

Yellow Transparent

(Also known as: White Transparent)


Pale yellow

Introduced to USA in 1870

Harvest: July - early August

Well-known early summer apple, good for drying, freezing, sauce, juice and wine. Transparent pale yellow skin. Crisp, light-textured, juicy flesh. Very sweet flavor. Not good storer.

Young naturalist


Greenish-yellow with bright red diffused stripes

Cinnamon Striped x Wealthy

Harvest: early September

Smooth fruit, flattened-rounded shape, larger than medium sized (130g). Creamy, juicy, acid-sweet flesh.

Zabergau Reinette


Gold-brown russet


Harvest: late October, Season: November- February

Very large fruit. Crisp, white flesh. Rich and nutty.

Zuccalmaglio's Reinette


Flushed brown-red with faint red stripes  and some russeting

Ananas Reinette x; Germany, 1878

Harvest: October, Season: November - March

Flavored with tones of wild strawberry, quince, pineapple, ripe pear and a fine floral touch. Rough sticky skin. Fine grained flesh.

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