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Flageolet PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 November 2009 11:47
Famous dry bean from the south of France used in classic cassoulets. Excellent with meats. Prized by many chefs, cooks down into a creamy white sauce.

Flageolet beans are a small, light green shell or bush bean originating in France in the 1800's but currently produced in California and Australia. Flageolet beans cook to a dense and creamy texture and hold up well to stirring and other rough treatment. The pod of the Flageolet is inedible. Although the original flageolet beans are a pale green, there are now many varieties in other colors: black, white, red, or yellow. Flageolet do not require soaking and cook relatively quickly, even the dried beans require only a little longer to cook without soaking first. Flageolet beans can be substituted for navy beans, and are commonly used in a French Cassoulet, salads, curries and stews. They are also popular served on their own merit with lamb, chicken and fish.

"The Caviar of Beans", flageolet are also known under many cultivar names: Chevrier, Elsa, Flambeau, Flamingo, Chelinex, Cheverbel, Chevrinor, Flagrano, Roi des Verts, Vernel, etc... Flageolet beans are so popular in Australia that they have their own varieties. Flageolet beans plump when cooked, and have a mild flavor that goes well with traditional Cassoulets and is very popular with lamb. The best flageolet are harvested when they are still young and tender. The dried varieties are usually dried right in the pod after picking, then shelled when the pod is dry. An excellent bean for use in any recipe requiring legumes, flageolet beans have a creamy texture but resist falling apart when cooked. they really are the perfect bean!

•    Flageolet beans originated in France in the 1800's
•    Flageolet are small, pale green kidney shaped beans
•    The pod is inedible
•    Flageolet are commonly served with lamb, but can be used in any bean recipe
•    They have a creamy but firm texture and hold up well in recipes
•    Flageolet are now grown in California and have become popular in Australia
•    Flageolet beans plump when cooked
•    Other colors: black, white, red, or yellow
•    Do not usually require soaking and cook relatively quickly

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