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Rohde PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 31 July 2009 08:55
Rohde is a winter club wheat jointly released by Oregon State University, University of Idaho, and Washington State University in 1993. It is an awned, bronze-chaffed club with excellent yield potential. It has adult plant resistance to stripe rust.
Rohde, unlike many club wheats, appears to be widely adapted. It has been successfully grown in small and large-scale field plots in low rainfall, high rainfall, and irrigated environments. Rohde is susceptible to strawbreaker footrot. This susceptibility may make it unsuitable for fields with a history of severe footrot problems.
Height and lodging resistance. Rohde is similar in height to newer club wheats like Tres or Hyak and is significantly shorter than the older clubs like Moro and Faro. It is taller than common wheat varieties like Stephens in high yielding environments but may exhibit similar height under low yield, dryland conditions. Lodging resistance is superior to that of older club wheats. Under dryland conditions, little or no lodging has been observed. Lodging can occur in high yield environments, especially in fields where soil nitrogen levels are excessive.Rohde is similar to Stephens in maturity. It tends to be several days later than Hyak but is slightly earlier than Disease resistance. Rohde has a good disease resistance profile. It has adult plant resistance to stripe rust. Its level of stripe rust resistance is greater than that of any other currently grown club wheat. It has moderate resistance to cephalosporium stripe and common bunt and is moderately susceptible to leaf rust, powdery mildew, and Septoria leaf blotch. Rohde is susceptible to strawbreaker footrot and will need to be sprayed with fungicides for footrot control or be grown in fields where footrot has not been a problem.
Test weight and quality. Rohde test weights have been significantly better than those of other wheats, both common and club, across environments. This is unusual for a club wheat. A 1 pound test weight advantage is not uncommon. Grain quality (moisture, protein percent, and hardness) is comparable with currently-grown club and common wheats. Milling and baking quality is adequate. Flour yield and cake volume/score tend to be lower than those of other clubs. Cookie quality is acceptable.
Winter hardiness. Rohde has a level of winterhardiness similar to that of Lewjain. This level of hardiness is adequate to allow production across all Oregon environments.
Rohde was selected from progeny of the cross Paha/Selection 72//Daws. The initial cross was made by Bob Metzger, a USDA-ARS scientist located at Corvallis. Selection work was done by Chuck Rohde, long-time cereal breeder at the Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center. Final purification was accomplished by Pamela Zwer, Rhode's successor.

Rohde was tested under the experimental designation OR855. Breeders seed was produced through a head row screening process. Rohde was officially released by Oregon State University in the spring of 1993. The first foundation seed field was planted in fall 1992. Funding for development of Rohde was provided by the OSU Agricultural Experiment Station and the Oregon Wheat Commission.

The name Rohde was selected to recognize the 36 years of service provided by Dr. Charles Rohde to Oregon State University and the cereal industries of Oregon.
60 bu/a

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