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MacVicar PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 31 July 2009 08:53
MacVicar is a common soft white winter wheat released by Oregon State University in 1992. It is an awned, mid-season, medium height semidwarf with good lodging resistance. It is best adapted to the Treasure Valley of Oregon and Idaho, but has also performed well in other production environments. In trial plots, MacVicar grain protein levels have been consistently lower than those of other commonly grown varieties. Height and lodging resistance MacVicar is a mid-height semidwarf. It's equivalent to or slightly taller than Stephens and Malcolm, but shorter than Hill 81 or Madsen. It is equivalent to Stephens in lodging resistance. MacVicar is a mid-season variety. Heading date is equivalent to a day later than Stephens or Malcolm and is 2-3 days earlier than Madsen or Hill 81 in most environments. Over the last ten years, all wheat lines under evaluation at the Hermiston Experiment Station have been subjected to early season (late-August) planting and the disease complex associated with such plantings. Barley yellow dwarf virus, takeall root rot, and foot rots of various types have been commonly observed. Mat Kolding, MacVicar's breeder, is quick to point out that tolerance or resistance is hard to quantify under such a screening regime, but MacVicar is a survivor of this process. Quantifiable disease reactions include moderate resistance to stripe rust (like Stephens or Malcolm), moderate susceptibility to leaf rust, and susceptibility to mildew, Septoria, stem rust, common and dwarf bunt, Fusarium foot rot and wheat streak mosaic virus. Because of the bunt susceptibility, seed treatment should be routinely used on MacVicar. In one instance, MacVicar was rated as resistant to corn seed maggot.
MacVicar is the progeny of a complex set of crosses. Its pedigree is Yamhill/McDermid/2/T.spelta var. Alba/3/Suwon 92/Roedel /4/ NB 68513/ Hyslop/5/Backa. It's F1 parent was grown in 1975 at Hermiston as row 336. MacVicar was tested under the experimental designation ORFW75336. Final selection was from a single head row grown in 1986. Breeders seed was released to the OSU Foundation Seed and Plant Materials Project and foundation seed blocks were planted in fall 1991.
59,2 lbs/bu

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