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Glenman PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 August 2009 10:37

'Glenman' hard red spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (Reg. No. 696), PI 483235, was developed cooperatively by the USDA-ARS and the Montana Agric. Exp. Stn. Glenman is a single-gene sernidwarf, resistant to the wheat
stem sawfly. The straw is white and is solid under favorable environmental conditions. Glenman is more susceptible to lodging than hollow-stemmed cultivars of similar height. The spike is apically awnletted, fusiform, mid-dense to lax,and erect. Glumes are glabrous, white to tan, mid-long, mid-wide; and shoulders wide, square to rounded; and beaks wide, obtuse, 1 mm long. Kernels are mid-long, hard and ovate; germ midsized; crease narrow, mid-deep; cheeks rounded; brush mid-sized, mid-long. It is resistant to the
races of stem rust (Pucdnia graminis Pers. f. sp. tritici Ericks & Henn.) and stripe rust, (Pucdnia striiformis West.) used in Montana tests, but is susceptible to leaf rust, (Pucdnia recondita Rob. ex Desm. f. sp. tritici). It is mid-season in maturity.
Glenman is a solid-stemmed, sernidwarf cultivar selected from Cross 208774C-IR8M/'Fortuna'. Cross 208774C-IR8M is a segregate from the cross of 'Tezanos Pintos Precos'/'Sonora 64', made by the International Center for
Maize and Wheat Improvement. The female parent was selected from a nursery grown at Bozeman, MT, in 1968. Fortuna (1) is currently recommended for wheat stem sawfly (Cephus tinctus Norton) infested areas in Montana. The selection now called Glenman has been tested in yield trials starting in 1978 as MT 7819.


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