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Goetze PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 August 2009 10:42
Goetze is a common sof white winter wheat variety developed at Oregon State
University in cooperation with the USDA Agricultural Research Service (USDA-
ARS). It is an awned, short-statured, semidwarf variety with moderately early
maturity and high yield potential. Goetze is resistant to stripe rust and moderately resistant to Septoria leaf blotch. Te name Goetze commemorates the leadership and contributions of Norm Goetze, retired OSU Extension cereals specialist, to the Oregon wheat industry.
In trials over 24 site-years, Goetze was found to be approximately 2 inches shorter than Stephens, 5 inches shorter than Tubbs or Tubbs-06, and about 1 inch taller than Gene (Table 1). Te height diferentials are somewhat greater in the high-rainfall environment of western Oregon, where Goetze may be as much as 6–7 inches shorter than Tubbs or Tubbs-06 and 3–4 inches shorter than
Stephens and Madsen. Goetze’s straw strength is excellent, and lodging has not been observed in any production environment.
Goetze is a semidwarf sof white winter wheat from the 1995 cross OR8303765/E81FR. OR8303765 has the pedigree 6720-11//Ministerio de Agri 38/WRM (Weique/Red Mace). Selection 6720-11 is a sister of CI17576, with the pedigree Cappelle Desprez/Pullman sel. 101//Druchamp. Te origin and pedigree of E81FR are unknown. Goetze is an F5-derived line that was identifed as a headrow in 2000 by HybriTech Seed International, Inc., a division of the Monsanto Company. Goetze was among the HybriTech germplasm donated by Monsanto to Oregon
State University in 2000. In 2001, it was selected as a single F6 plot grown in Pendleton, Oregon, and given the experimental number ORH010920.
97,7 bu/ac

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Last Updated on Thursday, 01 October 2009 13:33
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